All major electrical components have been ordered and received. Recently, we received the following:

  • Moisture Sensor
  • Raspberry Pi Zero W 2


Work has started on the embedded software side, particularly on connecting the phone to the Raspberry Pi, and connecting the Raspberry Pi to the Arduino. Some progress has also been made on activating the solenoids from software.

Our original plan was to make the entire app as a web app. We have discovered that the WebBluetooth implementation has some issues, so we may need to implement an Android wrapper app for the Bluetooth connection.


The mechanical aspect included more CAD work, and has moved to physical prototyping stage.

Here is an exploded CAD view of the GnoMom and GnoMini:

Here are a few images from the prototyping. This photo shows the parts for the body of the GnoMon:

Assembled GnoMom:

Images of 2nd GnoMini prototype:

The following photo shows the waterwheel assembly that will be in the mini unit to charge the battery.

The following photo shows how the waterwheel and sensors will fit into the GnoMini: