We have completed the main prototype, which includes functioning for all the subsystems. We tested this prototype with water on our own, as well as demoed it without water to Prof. Khamesee and Prof. Pellizzoni (on March 7).

Electrical and Software

The electrical and software components of the prototype are completed. This means that the following are done:

  • Arduino will perform measurements with the pH and moisture sensor, and provide that to the Raspberry Pi over Bluetooth
  • the Raspberry Pi will transmit these to the server over WiFi, as well as activating the solenoid as necessary, to water and provide nutrients
  • the app fetches this data from the server, and displays graphs showing the historical trends

The remaining work for the software components is primarly improving the styling for the app to match the designs, as well as adding live reloading for the charts and measurements.

Here is the rough prototype of the GnoMini electrical system (outside the housing):

Here are a few screenshots of the main app screens:


The main mechanical components are complete and assembled. The following shows the assembled GnoMom and GnoMini:

This prototype was tested by connecting to water from a backyard tap, and ensuring that the mechanical components operated correctly.

The remainging work is to build the enclosure for the GnoMom (using acrylic).